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[06 Sep 2003|01:51pm]
First best friend: Alex
First real memory of something: i have no idea
First car: 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse
First date: Bonnie
First real kiss: Bonnie
First break-up: never have
First job: if you wanna count the one day i went, RHS Janitor
First screen name: ACE
First self purchased album: Korn cd i think
First funeral: My Grandpas
First pets: Wingsey
First piercing/tattoo: none
First credit card: none
First true love: Bonnie... or was it drifting? hmmm...
First enemy: some kid named Adam in elementary school
First big trip: Michigan probably
First play/musical/performance: uhhh... no
First musician you remember hearing in your house: something old
First broken bone: none
First fist fight: "friend" mike, kicked his ass
First concert: Incubus
Last cigarette: none
Last big car ride: wtf? am i a dog or something?
Last kiss: Bonnie
Last good cry: Chatting with Bonnie
Last movie seen: Snatch
Last library book checked out: I have no idea
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: 4 dollar pizza
Last phone call: either dustin or bonnie
Last TV show watched: i dont remember
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: DC shoes
Last cd played: i dont play CDs
Last item bought: Drift Bible!!
Last annoyance: my stomach
Last disappointment: myself, you jobless fuck
Last ice cream eaten: orange n cream bar
Last soda drank: Mountain Dew
Last time wanting to die: whoa ok
Last time scolded: prolly getting scolded by Bonnie
Last shirt worn: Something Awful Shirt
Last website visited: Bonnies LJ

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Not really an update... just a place to put my thoughts [27 Jan 2003|11:54pm]
money, school, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness in this messed up little world. after nineteen years of life, these things are finally starting to make me think of my future. after just four weeks of gateway, four paychecks and four weeks of my first real taste of work, its got me thinking. i keep asking myself whether or not im going to be making the money i want to make. i mean, i cant really imagine myself working in any other fields besides computers. theyve been apart of my life for too long to just go onto something else just for the money. i asked my supervisor today how much the "senior techs" make an hour. he said roughly $15 an hour. thats about 30,000 a year and well... i just pictured myself making more than that. i wanted a higher standard of living for myself. but where else can i go? i dont know enough about cars to doing anything with them. the only skills i have right now are involved with computers. but now that i think about it, he also said i could become a senior tech in less than a year if i was really driven and had the skill to do it. making 30 grand before the age of 25 would be nice. i could just live simply, small apartment, of course my car and anything with computers. right now so is that higher standard of living really for me? 30k would be enough i think. i guess im just really uncertain on what i can do with what i have. knowledge and skill wise i mean. which makes me think of southeast and what thats getting me prepared for. well, quite frankly, jack-shit. the certifacations i would get from 2 years at southeast would get me jackshit. many people at gateway/friends have all said theyve never used or had the chance to use their education to further themselves in their career. which makes me wonder.. "why even bother going and spending my parents money if it isnt going to get me anything?" at this point in time im considering dropping out of southeast, working full-time at gateway and seeing what i can accomplish there. how would i be hurting myself with this decision? experience is probably the most important thing in the computer field. you can sit in a classroom all day and learn out of the book, or you can go out and do it. gateway is my way of getting that experience. dealing with peoples real world problems is the fastest way to learn. i have friends that have worked there for 2 years now, and still love it. they seem to live comfortably. and where does southeast come into this? nowhere, to me all it is is just to satisfy the post high school education everyone is preaching in high schools. and well, it doesnt really apply to jobs im interested in. look at my current job for crying out loud. fresh out of high school, based on a series of technical and situation questions, they hired me at gateway. with a couple years of experience in the field i can only imagine what jobs will be availible to me. again, where does southeast come into the equation? nowhere, my point exactly. working at gateway full-time, in my opinion, is probably a better foot hold in the computer industry than southeast ever could be. i spoke very briefly with my mom on the issue and she was afraid that dropping out would bite me in the ass later, having to go back to school and all. but would it? i dont think it would. ::shrug:: i just dont want to waste more time and money doing something i dont really need to be doing.

reflecting back to that "standard of living" thing. maybe living simply is my way of doing things. for most of my life ive considered myself lazy. but now that i reflect back on it, was i? it seems i need very simple things to keep me happy in life. from the age of 12-18 all i needed was my computer and friends. thats it. i didnt go seeking trouble, i didnt do anything but surround myself with my computer and everything that went with it. it was a simple life. now i look at myself and i havent really changed much, just added a couple things. i still do everything i used to. computers, anime, music, movies, tv, but ive added something to the mix. cars and a girlfriend. both require some amount of cash to do anything with. as much as one might say "you dont money", i do. cars being the more expensive of the two, still isnt THAT big of hit to the wallet for my perspective. its just another hobby to enjoy, another place to put my time and money. much like computers were early in my teens. spreading the cost of a new computer and a project over, say 2-3 years, it isnt much at all. of course, itd be more than any normal person would want to spend on either, but they arent me. hmm... typing this out has made me realize something. im almost certain id be willing to lower my standard of living enough to support my hobbies. i mean, ive done it since i was little. i get so involved in something, that everything takes a backseat. im the person whos willing to bend over backwards in the name of fun. whether its skip school, work overtime, stay up un-godly late, if it means more fun, im all for it. if i live in a 1 bedroom apartment so i can afford car parts, or cable internet, id do it. why would a person like me need a big house, or flashy clothes? i dont, i just need to support my hobbies to be happy. plain and simple. of course, one could argue, isnt that selfish? what about your significant other? well, thats another thing ive been thinking about.

actually i just started thinking about it reading a thread on fark.com. this particular thread was about the divorce rate. farkers were sharing their horror marriage stories and it got me thinking. could a woman of any kind put up with my blind determination to keep having fun? would she get bored, upset, feel ignored, or pissed that that $1000 spent on that new turbo could have been a down payment on a new house? would she put up with my late nights of driving and smell of oil, gas and burnt rubber? would she even wanna put out for someone who smelled like that? these questions make me think of bon and how much she realistically put with. after almost 9 months with her, i already know she isnt just any girl. shes definitely special and she can put up with a lot of my shit. and yet, i never hear a sour remark from her, just a laugh and hug. but the future of our relationship has got me thinking. she is 16 and has a lot to experience as do i. i just wonder how much will she change? will it still be the "stupid-in-love" type relatioship we've had? after 9 months we've had a couple bumps in the road but have overcome each with ease, especially as inexperienced i am with women. i guess im just hoping she stays the way she is. just maybe more mature, more "woman"ish i guess... i dunno. to ask someone not to change just isnt right, but is hoping we'll love each other for a long time to come, wrong? i dont think so, and i hope we do. i guess shes another reason i wanted that "higher standard" of living. i just want to give her the world, but really im not sure she wants it. lol. hmmm... i guess there are some things i dont know about her yet. hell, maybe she doesnt even know what she wants, and thats ok too. i sure as hell didnt, i dont even know now. we'll be figuring all this crap together im sure, and thats fine with me.

now im just wondering what living with her would be like... hmmmm. the only thing i fear is taking her for granted. as we are now, the time we have seperated makes you wish the other was around, you miss them. with her living with me, we'd be with each other all the time, expect work and whenever id be with friends. but would it make me appreciate her less? i guess i dont know. i would love to say no, itll be great, we'll love spending each moment together. but in reality nothing ever works that way. but then again, our relationship isnt exactly normal, it surprises me everyday it seems. the sarcastic/asshat in me says "if it goes to shit, who cares? its your first gf." yeah well, thats true, but i DO care. and i cant just write her off as a first gf, ive been with her for 9 months for crying out loud. argh, so much to think about. but in all honestly, its all just thoughts. shes to perfect to let go, id be an idiot to do it.

well... i cant think of anything else to say. i suppose i just need to act. at this point dropping out is sounding friendly, gateway is my ticket to fun, bon is the love of my life, and a nissan sitting in my garage would bring it all together. i wouldnt mind living my life simply. id have the job, the girl, the car, and maybe a couple extras. maybe 2 bedrooms instead of just one. lol.

i guess one more thing just popped in my head. kids. i seriously, positively cant see myself raising children. they would completely throw my plan outta wack. theyre expensive, stress relationships and well... arent fun.

ahhh... indeed, took some weight off my mind. 1:25am and im sick. gnight.

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[20 Nov 2002|12:26am]
[ mood | amused ]




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[29 Oct 2002|07:26pm]
What Kind of Virgin Are You?

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[22 Sep 2002|11:43pm]
[ mood | determined ]

howdy ho ppl,

well, the brue is back. thatd be me refering to my blue eclipse. shes back and feeling lots better than before. the new motor has very smooth power delivery and revs all the way to redline smoothly now. went out playing this past couple weekends with dustin. raced him in his caravan and pulled 1 car length on him. i never said this car was fast, but its still fun. then we went racing in canton and had a blast. country roads are the best. my driving improved quite a bit from just that trip. ive never pushed the car that hard before, the rear end was pushin quite a bit. did some straight line racing against dustins porsche also. to say the least i got spanked but its all in good fun. i washed her just a couple hours ago and made sure to put gas in it for the week. lookin good.

college is going really well so far. ive been getting A's on all my tests. homework is all pretty easy. a couple of my teachers are painfully boring, but its no biggy. my b-day is coming up and im thinking ill just get a deck for my car. i need something besides the radio to listen to.

bon and i have been hanging out like usual. its funny, at one point she thought we wouldnt see each other as much during school. well, its not so, we see each other every chance we get, and still have time for friends. im just glad shes as flexible as she is. theres been a couple times when we've planned to get together and ive cancelled on her to go driving and what not. she takes a rain-check everytime without complaint. i love that about her. of course i would do the same. after 5 months of being with her, i dont think its possible to make her bored. she got a haircut recently and looks REALLY nice. holy wow. 7" does wonders. haha.

thats a good update for now. ill plan another update for the end of the week. till then, dont smoke... and.... stay away from the drinky, that stuff'll get ya in trouble!

btw... the 240sx is still my dream project car and it will happen soon enough, i guarantee it. i was born to drive a nissan!

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Ok yeah... wow.... its been awhile [06 Sep 2002|10:25am]
after a week and a half without internet i am glad to say... IM BACK! not like that changes a lot of things... but... i like the interweb god damn it. in the past month my family and i have moved, not a big move, but a move none the less. it was a pain in the ass, but the house is nice and we're saving an assload of money moving a mile away from our last house.

as you know i drive an eclipse. my baby took a dive just before i left for michigan. 6 teeth on the timing belt were stripped and screwed up the timing. in other words, im getting a new motor. its been in the shop for about 2 weeks now and the engine was in yesterday. but, when the car was test drove the tranny fucked up. at least, thats what i heard anyway. i just want her back, i need to drive something besides the van or the blazer. thats what i get for neglecting it, i have now learned my lesson.
dustins porsche took a hit last weekend also. front end, door, and alignment all got screwed up. i wont explain how it happened.... dont look at me like that....

school is going good. to say the least, college is WAY better than high school. anyways, its friday and i dont have school. im gonna get back to whatever the hell i was doing.

oh btw, everyone needs to listen to snake river conspiracy. seriously... go listen to it. fucker. =p

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hmm... is this me? [24 Jul 2002|06:27pm]
Your name of Aaron has made you practical, systematic, and thorough. This name encourages the expression of leadership and organizational skills, shrewdness, and analytical ability. You are mathematically adept and have great patience with work of a detailed nature such as bookkeeping, accounting, or technical research. Particular about your material possessions, you keep everything you own in a good state of repair, and you budget your personal finances very carefully. Because of its matter-of-fact influence, this name limits, to some degree, your ability to be flexible and spontaneous. You tend to treat new and unfamiliar ideas with scepticism. Because of the serious, responsible qualities of your name, you must recognize the importance of a sense of humour and optimistic perspective of life. In some ways you are not overly emotional and sympathetic to others and can be shrewd and materialistic. Friends and associates may detect a lack of feeling and sympathy in their relationship with you. You see the practical side of situations and tend to deal with problems in an objective, sensible, and systematic way. That is your way of helping others through challenging situations. Being self-sufficient, you must remember that thoughtful expressions of affection toward those close to you are important. You express your appreciation for others by what you do for them rather than by what you say. Your interests and hobbies are generally along practical, technical, or scientific lines. Weaknesses in the health through stress and tension could affect the intestinal tract and related difficulties or could cause prostate problems.

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[10 Jul 2002|03:38am]

driving safety test... kinda interesting
i scored an 18, and it said i needed to work in competing. even i can agree with that one.

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The woman is begging me to post... so here goes... [10 Jul 2002|03:26am]
[ mood | content ]

i was told to "talk out of my ass", which i try to avoid as much as possilbe. but alas, the whip cracked and so here i am. first thing that comes to mind is my dad. i have to go see him in about 4 weeks. i wasnt really excited about it and i talked to him last night about getting tickets. he and my mom had a convo over the phone about dates for flights and such. my mom then told me to email my dad that night about whether the dates were ok with me or not. i ended up playing diablo 2 until 5 yesterday morning. so no email was sent. this was the msg i woke up to this morning.....

"Guess you guys don't care. See ya!"

and this is how i replied...

[19:38] SymtuM: ... umm yeah
[19:38] SymtuM: i do care
[19:38] SymtuM: so yeah, i think getting back on the 15th would be better
[19:38] SymtuM: if thats ok with you
[19:41] SymtuM: im going to pick up bonnie
[19:41] SymtuM: so talk to ya later

that was my suttle, subdued way of saying "fuck you!". this is the stupid shit he insists on saying. quite frankly hes fucking lucky im even going out there but whatever. its his special way of saying "im making you feel guilty cuz i wanted an email fucker."
ok, sorry about that... needed to vent.

onto more important things like... my wonderful girlfriend you all know as bonnie. she posted a little something about me, so i figure i better post something too. so im just gonna type whatever comes to mind about her. remember, this is the rambling of an inexperienced 18 year old. its gonna be corny, maybe even stupid, but you can kiss my ass. it probably wont be in any particular order...

shes probably the single most important person ive ever met in my entire life. shes made me think long and hard about who i am and what i do. she lets me be me. i can do anything, say anything and shes ok with it. nobody in my life has ever been like that. i can be the comp geek car guy that i am and i get no complaints. theres a freedom in my life thats never been there before. i love the way we can talk for hours on end on any topic. be it games, movies, music, life, love, and even farts. we have our differing opinions on certain things, but we discuss and argue our points till nothing more can be said, and its fun. its that ability to share anything with a person. the ability to hear their points and be able to respect their view no matter what. i never thought the chemistry between two ppl could be as perfect as it is between her and i. it still blows me away when i think about it. then theres the entertainment value of just having her around. when shes around, im never bored. even if we arent doing anything but hanging out and watching TV, im still having fun. i think its because shes just there, beside me. having her there somehow completes me, which sounds corny but its true. im not really me unless shes there. from a physical standpoint, shes entertaining in alot of ways that i wont be getting into, but as a guy, and her being a girl... you get the idea (not sex btw). im sure you're thinking "oh yeah, walking hormone boy wants her ass." i can understand that thinking, but honestly, i loved her so much before i even thought about "wanting her ass" that i can justify it. i love her so much that i want to express that love. either by making her laugh, buying stuff, or just sitting and talking with her. everything i do with her is an expression of that love i have. in addition, shes a very beautful girl. her brown eyes, her soft blonde hair, her body, the way she dresses, her laugh, everything. shes just beautiful and its that natural beauty too. she doesnt need make-up, perfume, jewelry, or skin-tight clothes. she wakes up and shes hot. lol, i just love that thought. another thing is the way we talk about our future together. we discuss, quite frequently, living together and getting married. those are huge steps in the relationship that we are actually looking forward to. coming home from work everyday and seeing her face would be awesome. just having her around all the time just makes sense. ive also thought long and hard about how we could ever be separated. honestly, i cant think of one situation that would tear us apart, except death. every problem we have is just talked out and nothing ever comes of it. to tell you the truth i could never stay mad at her for any lengthly period of time. she couldnt do anything that would make me that angry. all this contributes to my thinking we'll be together for the rest of our lives. she'll be my first and only girlfriend, that i can be sure of. hell... even her parents like me already. yay! even tho her dad is a little edgy but thats to be expected. quite frankly, shes the girl of my dreams. she plays games, loves movies and anime, listens to my kinds of music, hopeless romantic, caffeine addict, and shes HOT! it doesnt get any better than that for me. but most of all, she loves me back. all i can do is hope i make lots of money so i can spoil her, because thats what she deserves. i love you more than anything bon! ::hug and a kiss::
P.S. thnx to taneka for introducing me to her!::hug::

so there you go folks, i spilled my guts. go ahead and post your thoughts, whatever they may be. i think im gonna play some diablo...

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Another spectacular update... [05 Jul 2002|11:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

how goes it out there people? good i hope.

well lets see, whats been happening with me lately. ive been playing games a lot more. diablo 2 and quake 3 have found their places in my life once again. i took a break from both of em but now i cant live without them it seems. YAY! the gamer in me is back. i still need to work on those rail skills tho, eek. oh yeah and btw bon, platformers suck =p
very surprisingly i havent seen any new anime. i have been reading some manga tho. naruto is one of my favorites right now. great story and art. check out http://www.toriyamaworld.com/ for free translated manga downloads. they do great work.

im getting more and more obsessed with cars. its gotten to the point, im going to fix my car finally. a new timing belt and some simple (free) engine mods are in order i think. i need to buy a new (fluidyne?) radiator, work with the intake and figure out how to mess with the ECU. gonna have to post on some forums for more info on that one. thats all im doing to the car tho. attending an autocross event has crossed my mind several times the past couple weeks. being that i dont have a fast car, autocrossing would be lots of fun. ive seen some 1g NA eclipses fly around courses pretty quickly so id like to try my luck.

i did buy a valentine one, which ive been wanting for awhile now. if you're shopping for a radar detector, i highly recommend buying a V1. its already saved my ass once. i would go into details but id prolly get lectured. lets just say i was speeding, and a certain person speeding next to me got the ticket. thnx V1. im still fiddling with the wiring and mounting of the darned thing, but no worries. www.valentine1.com
i bought a new sound card and speakers also. this setup is by far the best ive ever had. sound blaster audigy gamer and logitech Z-560 speakers are awesome. for about $300 its money well spent. surround sound with games, movies and music is the best. parents dont really approve of the extra noise, but oh well.

ive been hanging out with my girl a lot lately also. we always have great fun doing whatever it is we do. as a change of pace i hung out with my friend chris today. he came over to pick up his burner. (i borrowed his burner to get ~17GBs of anime off my HD) we ended playing virtua tennis for a couple hours and having some great laughs in the process. i had a huge headache from all the laughing. afterwards i went over to bons house for even more laughs. it was fun as always. her new glasses look soooo sexy. reow.
i spent the 4th with bons family, that was pretty cool, i really appreciated them letting me join in. my family decided to ignore the 4th (party poopers). watching 3 fireworks shows from her back deck was a pretty sweet deal and i got yummy apple pie too!! w00t. love ya babe =)

anyways, thats pretty much it. i should prolly get my hair cut tomorrow and look into getting a new timing belt. hope you all had a great 4th of july. im outta here!

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[05 Jul 2002|10:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]

A nerd that gets the ladies.

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[25 Jun 2002|07:16pm]

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[01 Jun 2002|11:50am]
well folks, went to orientation at southeast today. getting up at 7 on a saturday sucks. anyway, it was pretty boring, most of the stuff i have already heard so i really didnt learn anything new. took some placement tests and i ended up testing out of english/comp classes. saved my parents some cash, yay! did so-so in the math part.

at the moment im gonna eat and wait for my girl to wake-up. we got some FF7 to play!

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[31 May 2002|12:25am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Soundtrack of my life

Car Driving Scene: NFS5 - Stealth Run
High School Flashback Scene: Cowboy Bebop - Memory
Nostalgic Scene: Sound Garden - Black Hole Sun
Anger Scene: Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)
Breakup Scene: Craig Armstrong - As If You Said Nothing
Nightclub: Sash - Encore Une Fois
Fight: Prodigy feat. Tom Morello - One Man Army
Sad/Breakdown Scenes: Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion (Instrumental)
Cheer Up Scene: Crystal Method - Ten Miles Back
Dream About A Boy/Girl Scene: Noir - Chloe
Contemplation Scene: Nirvana - Something in the Way
Chase Scene: Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind
Happy - Love Scene: Incubus - Echo
Happy - Friends Scene: Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Hardcore Bang Session Song: Fluke - Absurd
Death Scene: Fear Factory - Invisible Wounds
Funeral Scene: The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Closing Credits: Nine Inch Nails - The Great Collapse

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[18 May 2002|03:28am]

You are 20% evil! [?]

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Which Kiss Are You?

i disagree with this one....

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[18 May 2002|03:19am]

You are a dreamer. Constantly filling your mind with fantasies, you withdraw inside yourself in order to experience these more clearly. You dislike people and the distractions they cause. You are eccentric and lack a firm grasp on reality. You experience a wide range of emotions, and can often times be dangerous to yourself and others. You need to focus more on the real world.

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[17 May 2002|09:31am]

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

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[16 May 2002|09:45am]
Interesting car quiz.. kinda funny:

heres my results -

You've earned: 3 Pork Rinds
0 Rice Grains


Overall Score: 3 Pork Rinds

Slightly Redneckish
You have some redneck tendencies, but they're mild enough that there's hope for you. You have a preference for big-engined American cars, but you're perfectly willing to admit that there are other vehicles out there that a reasonable person might choose for reasons of his or her own. You're probably capable of holding an intelligent conversation.

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[13 May 2002|11:55am]
1. Full Name: Aaron Cole Doughten
2. Nicknames: Paul, supposedly i look like a Paul ::shrug::
3. Eyes: Blue
4. Height: ~6'3"
5. Shoe size: 13
6. Age: 18
7. Birthday: 9/26/93
8. Sign: Libra, sounds sexy doesnt it?
9. Where you live: South Dakota, home of absolutely nothing
10. Sex: YES PLZ!! err... male
11. Righty or lefty: Righty, only way to go

ON GUYS (for girls only)
12. Boxers or briefs:
13. Long or short hair:
14. Tall or short:
15. Six Pack:
16. Good or bad guy:
17. Hat or no hat?:
18. Ears pierced or not:
19. Tan or fair:
20. dark or light eyes:
21. Stubble or neatly shaved:
22. Rugged or sporty:
23. Studly or cutie:
24. Accent or not:
25. shy or outgoing:

ON GIRLS (for guys only)
26. Painted nails or not: not
27. Cute n' mysterious or wild n' sexy: Cute n' mysterious... keep me guessing
28. Dressy or casual: casual
29. Dark or blonde: blonde, the stereotype isnt true for all of them
30. Long or short hair: shoulder length to be exact
31. Dark or light eyes: Doesnt matter, as long as i can look at em!
32. Long or short nails: short, cuz my girl is short.. no offense babe ::wink::
33. Good or bad girl: bad girl cuz theyre seeexxxy
34. Hair up or down: down, i like it in my face!
35. Jewelry or none: none, cuz then i dont have to buy her any ^_^
36. Tall or short: short, easier to throw to the bed! reeeow
37. Curly or straight hair: Straight, curly reminds me of pubes <.<
38. Pants or dress: Pants, a girl is more attractive when shes comfortable
39. Tan or fair: Fair, otaku chicks are never tan
40. Freckles or none: None, and dont give me that "freckles are angel kisses" bullshit
41. dark or light eyes: ::ahem:: ::cough:: question 31
42. Accent or none: Either way, all long as she can talk dirty to me 0.o
43. Shy or outgoing: Shy, cuz its KAWAII!
44. Sporty, indoorsey, or outdoorsy: indoorsey, cuz i am

50. Chocolate or white milk: ummm... down the drain?
51. Root beer or dr.pepper: ummm... down the drain?
52. Mud or Jell-O Wrestling: Jello, cuz then theres a licking contest afterwards =pppppp
53. Sunshine or rain: Rain, makes me feel very relaxed
54. Vanilla or chocolate: i like what my girl said ->> "hmm...depends on what it's on ^_~"
55. Skiing or boarding: outdoors when its cold? are you stupid?
56. Day or night: Night, im a night owl, i love caffeine, and its a prime time for loving making!
57. Summer or winter: Summer, more fun to drive the car =)
58. Cake or pie: PIE WOMAN! MAKE ME PIE! >.>
59. Love or lust: Love, its more fulfilling
60. Silver or gold: Gold, cuz its worth more... ::shrug::
61. Diamond or pearl: Diamonds, cuz they can cut stuff.. and you cant scratch em... fuck this question
62. sunset or sunrise: Sunset, cuz its just before night!
63. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? im not a cannibal...
64. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: i prefer woman thank you...
65. Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone?: no..
66. Do you have any piercing: no...
67. Do you have any tattoos: no...... for crying out loud
68. Experienced love at first sight: umm, at first chat maybe..
69. What's your favorite color: Black, red and blue.. cuz they look great on cars
70. What's your favorite singer/s: Metallica i guess

(Hear the Radio Crackle)

[12 May 2002|01:08pm]

How Gay Are YOU?

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