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Ok yeah... wow.... its been awhile

after a week and a half without internet i am glad to say... IM BACK! not like that changes a lot of things... but... i like the interweb god damn it. in the past month my family and i have moved, not a big move, but a move none the less. it was a pain in the ass, but the house is nice and we're saving an assload of money moving a mile away from our last house.

as you know i drive an eclipse. my baby took a dive just before i left for michigan. 6 teeth on the timing belt were stripped and screwed up the timing. in other words, im getting a new motor. its been in the shop for about 2 weeks now and the engine was in yesterday. but, when the car was test drove the tranny fucked up. at least, thats what i heard anyway. i just want her back, i need to drive something besides the van or the blazer. thats what i get for neglecting it, i have now learned my lesson.
dustins porsche took a hit last weekend also. front end, door, and alignment all got screwed up. i wont explain how it happened.... dont look at me like that....

school is going good. to say the least, college is WAY better than high school. anyways, its friday and i dont have school. im gonna get back to whatever the hell i was doing.

oh btw, everyone needs to listen to snake river conspiracy. seriously... go listen to it. fucker. =p
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