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howdy ho ppl,

well, the brue is back. thatd be me refering to my blue eclipse. shes back and feeling lots better than before. the new motor has very smooth power delivery and revs all the way to redline smoothly now. went out playing this past couple weekends with dustin. raced him in his caravan and pulled 1 car length on him. i never said this car was fast, but its still fun. then we went racing in canton and had a blast. country roads are the best. my driving improved quite a bit from just that trip. ive never pushed the car that hard before, the rear end was pushin quite a bit. did some straight line racing against dustins porsche also. to say the least i got spanked but its all in good fun. i washed her just a couple hours ago and made sure to put gas in it for the week. lookin good.

college is going really well so far. ive been getting A's on all my tests. homework is all pretty easy. a couple of my teachers are painfully boring, but its no biggy. my b-day is coming up and im thinking ill just get a deck for my car. i need something besides the radio to listen to.

bon and i have been hanging out like usual. its funny, at one point she thought we wouldnt see each other as much during school. well, its not so, we see each other every chance we get, and still have time for friends. im just glad shes as flexible as she is. theres been a couple times when we've planned to get together and ive cancelled on her to go driving and what not. she takes a rain-check everytime without complaint. i love that about her. of course i would do the same. after 5 months of being with her, i dont think its possible to make her bored. she got a haircut recently and looks REALLY nice. holy wow. 7" does wonders. haha.

thats a good update for now. ill plan another update for the end of the week. till then, dont smoke... and.... stay away from the drinky, that stuff'll get ya in trouble!

btw... the 240sx is still my dream project car and it will happen soon enough, i guarantee it. i was born to drive a nissan!
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