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Another spectacular update...

how goes it out there people? good i hope.

well lets see, whats been happening with me lately. ive been playing games a lot more. diablo 2 and quake 3 have found their places in my life once again. i took a break from both of em but now i cant live without them it seems. YAY! the gamer in me is back. i still need to work on those rail skills tho, eek. oh yeah and btw bon, platformers suck =p
very surprisingly i havent seen any new anime. i have been reading some manga tho. naruto is one of my favorites right now. great story and art. check out for free translated manga downloads. they do great work.

im getting more and more obsessed with cars. its gotten to the point, im going to fix my car finally. a new timing belt and some simple (free) engine mods are in order i think. i need to buy a new (fluidyne?) radiator, work with the intake and figure out how to mess with the ECU. gonna have to post on some forums for more info on that one. thats all im doing to the car tho. attending an autocross event has crossed my mind several times the past couple weeks. being that i dont have a fast car, autocrossing would be lots of fun. ive seen some 1g NA eclipses fly around courses pretty quickly so id like to try my luck.

i did buy a valentine one, which ive been wanting for awhile now. if you're shopping for a radar detector, i highly recommend buying a V1. its already saved my ass once. i would go into details but id prolly get lectured. lets just say i was speeding, and a certain person speeding next to me got the ticket. thnx V1. im still fiddling with the wiring and mounting of the darned thing, but no worries.
i bought a new sound card and speakers also. this setup is by far the best ive ever had. sound blaster audigy gamer and logitech Z-560 speakers are awesome. for about $300 its money well spent. surround sound with games, movies and music is the best. parents dont really approve of the extra noise, but oh well.

ive been hanging out with my girl a lot lately also. we always have great fun doing whatever it is we do. as a change of pace i hung out with my friend chris today. he came over to pick up his burner. (i borrowed his burner to get ~17GBs of anime off my HD) we ended playing virtua tennis for a couple hours and having some great laughs in the process. i had a huge headache from all the laughing. afterwards i went over to bons house for even more laughs. it was fun as always. her new glasses look soooo sexy. reow.
i spent the 4th with bons family, that was pretty cool, i really appreciated them letting me join in. my family decided to ignore the 4th (party poopers). watching 3 fireworks shows from her back deck was a pretty sweet deal and i got yummy apple pie too!! w00t. love ya babe =)

anyways, thats pretty much it. i should prolly get my hair cut tomorrow and look into getting a new timing belt. hope you all had a great 4th of july. im outta here!
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