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The woman is begging me to post... so here goes...

i was told to "talk out of my ass", which i try to avoid as much as possilbe. but alas, the whip cracked and so here i am. first thing that comes to mind is my dad. i have to go see him in about 4 weeks. i wasnt really excited about it and i talked to him last night about getting tickets. he and my mom had a convo over the phone about dates for flights and such. my mom then told me to email my dad that night about whether the dates were ok with me or not. i ended up playing diablo 2 until 5 yesterday morning. so no email was sent. this was the msg i woke up to this morning.....

"Guess you guys don't care. See ya!"

and this is how i replied...

[19:38] SymtuM: ... umm yeah
[19:38] SymtuM: i do care
[19:38] SymtuM: so yeah, i think getting back on the 15th would be better
[19:38] SymtuM: if thats ok with you
[19:41] SymtuM: im going to pick up bonnie
[19:41] SymtuM: so talk to ya later

that was my suttle, subdued way of saying "fuck you!". this is the stupid shit he insists on saying. quite frankly hes fucking lucky im even going out there but whatever. its his special way of saying "im making you feel guilty cuz i wanted an email fucker."
ok, sorry about that... needed to vent.

onto more important things like... my wonderful girlfriend you all know as bonnie. she posted a little something about me, so i figure i better post something too. so im just gonna type whatever comes to mind about her. remember, this is the rambling of an inexperienced 18 year old. its gonna be corny, maybe even stupid, but you can kiss my ass. it probably wont be in any particular order...

shes probably the single most important person ive ever met in my entire life. shes made me think long and hard about who i am and what i do. she lets me be me. i can do anything, say anything and shes ok with it. nobody in my life has ever been like that. i can be the comp geek car guy that i am and i get no complaints. theres a freedom in my life thats never been there before. i love the way we can talk for hours on end on any topic. be it games, movies, music, life, love, and even farts. we have our differing opinions on certain things, but we discuss and argue our points till nothing more can be said, and its fun. its that ability to share anything with a person. the ability to hear their points and be able to respect their view no matter what. i never thought the chemistry between two ppl could be as perfect as it is between her and i. it still blows me away when i think about it. then theres the entertainment value of just having her around. when shes around, im never bored. even if we arent doing anything but hanging out and watching TV, im still having fun. i think its because shes just there, beside me. having her there somehow completes me, which sounds corny but its true. im not really me unless shes there. from a physical standpoint, shes entertaining in alot of ways that i wont be getting into, but as a guy, and her being a girl... you get the idea (not sex btw). im sure you're thinking "oh yeah, walking hormone boy wants her ass." i can understand that thinking, but honestly, i loved her so much before i even thought about "wanting her ass" that i can justify it. i love her so much that i want to express that love. either by making her laugh, buying stuff, or just sitting and talking with her. everything i do with her is an expression of that love i have. in addition, shes a very beautful girl. her brown eyes, her soft blonde hair, her body, the way she dresses, her laugh, everything. shes just beautiful and its that natural beauty too. she doesnt need make-up, perfume, jewelry, or skin-tight clothes. she wakes up and shes hot. lol, i just love that thought. another thing is the way we talk about our future together. we discuss, quite frequently, living together and getting married. those are huge steps in the relationship that we are actually looking forward to. coming home from work everyday and seeing her face would be awesome. just having her around all the time just makes sense. ive also thought long and hard about how we could ever be separated. honestly, i cant think of one situation that would tear us apart, except death. every problem we have is just talked out and nothing ever comes of it. to tell you the truth i could never stay mad at her for any lengthly period of time. she couldnt do anything that would make me that angry. all this contributes to my thinking we'll be together for the rest of our lives. she'll be my first and only girlfriend, that i can be sure of. hell... even her parents like me already. yay! even tho her dad is a little edgy but thats to be expected. quite frankly, shes the girl of my dreams. she plays games, loves movies and anime, listens to my kinds of music, hopeless romantic, caffeine addict, and shes HOT! it doesnt get any better than that for me. but most of all, she loves me back. all i can do is hope i make lots of money so i can spoil her, because thats what she deserves. i love you more than anything bon! ::hug and a kiss::
P.S. thnx to taneka for introducing me to her!::hug::

so there you go folks, i spilled my guts. go ahead and post your thoughts, whatever they may be. i think im gonna play some diablo...
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